British data: vaccinated people more likely to die

In a recent and unique development, Great Britain has published data on all-cause mortality by vaccination status. The analysis concludes that the mortality rate is higher among Covid vaccinees than among non-vaccinees, regardless of the age group. The nature of the data and the character of the analysis make these conclusions difficult to refute, and their reach immeasurable.

These are conclusions that will be hard to refute. On Sunday September 24, on his YouTube channel, statistician Pierre Chaillot presented his reproduction of a study carried out on British age-standardised all-cause mortality data according to vaccination status. And contrary to the prevailing narrative, it is indeed the Covid vaccinated people who die the most.

Pierre Chaillot’s analysis on his Décoder l’éco channel

Because of the nature of the data on which it is based and its immediacy, this study represents an important step forward in the gathering of evidence around the dangerousness of Covid vaccines. Up to now, the authorities in vaccinating countries have carefully avoided disclosing data that could easily be exploited. This opacity has complicated the work of statisticians. Self-proclaimed fact-checkers were thus able to attack their work, at worst with name-calling, at best with endless methodological debates that were inevitably incomprehensible to the layman.

However, this study is unique in that it is based on data that are relatively easy to interpret. Consequently, it doesn’t rely on advanced skills or complex conjectures. Gone are the potential biases of seasonality, harvest effects, misclassification of “dead with Covid”, deaths vaccinated less for than 2 weeks counted as unvaccinated, etc. In his video, Pierre Chaillot even explains that he has endeavored to use figures giving the benefit of the doubt to vaccination, which is not enough to conclude in its favor.

In view of the findings, there is little doubt about the causality between vaccination and death. And this is worrying news.

Health implications

The implications of these conclusions are manifold and inevitably enormous.

First of all, it’s now clear that it’s better to risk dying from Covid than from the vaccine. “Death with Covid”, an administrative classification whose abuse has been the subject of numerous testimonials, becomes totally secondary.

Readers who accept that the information provided here has been systematically biased will be able to open up to effective treatments, of which the scientific literature is full.

Should you be afraid of losing your supposed Covid treatment? Probably not, if you don’t have any comorbidities. Current Covid variants are much less virulent than Delta. The lethality of circulating variants is now of an order of magnitude close to that of seasonal flu, even with the exaggerated mortality data we are receiving. On the other hand, the reader who admits here that the information has been biased will be able to open up to effective treatments, of which the scientific literature abounds. These are generally the ones that the all-vaccine camp has been railing (see example here).

In fact, the problem lies not so much in the risks associated with contamination as in the effects that vaccination continues to have. Analysis clearly shows that excess mortality is a long-term phenomenon. The mortality rate among vaccinated people is consistently higher than their share of the population, week after week (see also the original study). What’s more, vaccination campaigns are consistently accompanied by mortality peaks, across all age groups, something Pierre Chaillot has been warning us about in recent months.

Other signals to be clarified

This news is a wake-up call for our democracies, as whistle-blowers have been ostracized even as negative signals have been piling up (examples here and here).

The prolonged period of excess mortality we have witnessed since the end of the pandemic must now be clearly, comprehensively and credibly explained. It is inconceivable that the current mortality rate in Western countries is not the subject of more serious research and explanation. Little publicized, it actually appears to be higher than it was during the Covid crisis. This low-key excess mortality appeared on statisticians’ radars even before we went through the heatwaves. What’s more, it has not spared our young people, and can therefore no longer be explained simply by the timing of hospital interventions.

Beyond mortality, we also need to clarify the alleged cases of long Covid. Here again, we have received several reports of serious symptoms following injections, ignored by both the medical profession and the authorities. It will also be necessary to hold to account those responsible who have, at the same time, confiscated the reporting of adverse reactions to vaccination from Patient Vertriedung.

How can we expect our fellow citizens to take the shot again?

The psychosis surrounding Covid has to stop and be replaced by an effort towards truth. As the conclusions of this study are solid, they bring us back to Pierre Chaillot’s recent works on Covid mortality. In recent years, this statistician has been constantly crossing his field of expertise with that of demographers and doctors. This is what sets him apart from other statisticians, journalists and fact-checkers. The result is a sharp look at the figures… and some very disturbing, well-founded conclusions: excess mortality during the Covid crisis may have been exaggerated, or even invented (refer to his channel and e.g. this video for more explanations).

Finally, according to our information, the government is preparing the next vaccination campaign. A vaccination centre has even been set up in a shopping mall on the outskirts of the capital (see photo). How can we expect our fellow citizens to take the shot again?

In addition to the inevitable search for those responsible, it will be essential to rehabilitate the doctors and scientists who have been dragged through the mud for all these years. For what we are concerned, it starts with Dr Benoît Ochs.

The burden of proof has now shifted, and the spearheads of vaccination will have to explain themselves.

A vaccination center in preparation in Beggen

A future vaccination center in Beggen, September 21, 2023
Photo credit: CG

How is this possible?

The current situation is the result of a combination of many factors, all of which are impossible to list here.

Firstly, the data provided was generally fragmented, or aggregated in such a way as to make cross-referencing and matching difficult or impossible (see explanations given in the original analysis). What’s more, the data was systematically biased (see biases above). To date, no government has responded to requests to disclose detailed data. Whistle-blowers have all been at best ignored, at worst branded as conspiracy theorists.

The Israeli study looked only at Covid mortality.

On the other hand, the world wanted to blindly believe in a supposedly proven technology. But what’s the point of a treatment that produces a near-copy of the viral Spike if it carries comparable harmfulness? This, among other factors, is the cause for concern in a number of studies (see example here). What’s more, the studies carried out by vaccine manufacturers have been the subject of a certain complacency, even though numerous biases have been denounced since the beginning of the campaigns. We refer in particular to the work of our compatriot Hervé Seligmann, who denounced back in April 20211 that the Israeli study only looked at Covid mortality (identified, moreover, on the basis of obscure criteria). Last but not least, let’s not forget the political games, and probably corruption, of which everyone now has a first idea.

Unfortunately, all these factors add up to a worrying cocktail for society at a time when the WHO, an organization largely controlled by private interests, is preparing to take over the global coordination of pandemic management policies.

As human beings, we share the pain of those who suffer or have suffered from the effects of vaccines and Covid health policies. We now also join with all those who feel distressed by this news.

As vigilant citizens, we can’t encourage our fellow citizens enough to update their understanding of the situation and reinform themselves on the unfortunately so-called “alternative” channels (see e.g. RéinfoCovid, or Nexus, which announced a pandemic with compulsory vaccination as early as 2019). For while the world was branding the doctors and scientists who wanted to save us from disaster as charlatans and conspiracists, the latter (see e.g. World Council for Health) were working to validate the cures for the ills that our rulers and Big Pharma have just created.

It’s the only ray of hope in this article.


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