Vera Sharav: her message to the people of Luxembourg

On the occasion of the public debate of petition 2044 against the CovidCheck measures, which takes place this Wednesday, March 9 at 8:30 a.m., we contacted Vera Sharav, survivor of the holocaust, to ask her for her view on the “sanitary” measures deployed in Europe and particularly in the Grand Duchy.

Her answer is in an uncompromising video, which holds in a slogan Never again is now, and in which Ms. Sharav announces from the start that “as a survivor of the Holocaust,[elle] [she] recognizes the ominous signs of an impending catastrophe”.

She then engages into an analysis without complacency on what we observe and have tried, at our level, to denounce for the last two years. Two years that have seen the advent of ruthless censorship, in the media and on social networks, which does not seem to shock anyone. Two years that have shed light on the total lack of scruples on the part of Western leaders when it comes to advancing a liberticidal agenda.

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Ms. Sharav’s analysis is far from unfounded, for anyone who follows the discussions at the World Economic Forum or has noted that Mr. Bill Gates is, via his foundation, the second largest funder of the WHO, to which it contributes 10% of its budget.

It may also be pointed out that the WHO is currently engaged in an initiative aimed at having countries sign a binding agreement which would give it free rein in the future management of “pandemics” – the revised definition of which does not include any criterion of severity . As if we didn’t have enough undemocratic and corrupt structures to dictate our conduct.

In any event, once again during a public debate, the Grand Duchy is the scene of discussions whose stakes go far beyond it. This is also the nature of Mrs. Sharav’s message, which should not take long to be exported either. Let’s hope his word is heard.