Obliged, us?

On December 7th, 2021, the psychiatrist Paul Rauchs published an open letter that found its way to the forefront via some national media and decision-makers1. In his letter, he implored the government to assume its authoritarianism and impose vaccination on an infantilised people who would then become thankful about it.

The release and publicity given to this text illustrate both the media power at work to impose a vaccination agenda over which the lowly people cannot have the last word, and the rhetoric that accompanies it, which presents decision-makers as introducing health measures under duress.
Thus, we read “with the energy of despair”, that “you will have to […] face the facts” and here and there that “the government is forced to…”, “the government resolves to…”. As if vaccine coercion were unavoidable. The Swedes, the British, and others will appreciate this.

Along with a few other manipulative figures, a nauseating and deeply deplorable logic unfolds, taking the side of political personalities whose membership of minorities is emphasised, to let us conclude that the physical and mental integrity of unvaccinated people is finally of lesser importance than that of any other person.

To claim that the unvaccinated, by the mere fact that they exist, would prevent the vaccinated from seeing their loved ones is simply false. It is a gross untruth that actually contributes to “anxiety, fear and aggression” rather than reducing them. Putting the solution to a global health crisis on the shoulders of a minority that is itself a victim of it is déjà-vu and is just another gimmick that should prohibit rather than justify it.

“It is not so much anymore a ‘duty to others’ to get vaccinated but a protection for oneself. There won’t be any ‘herd immunity wall’ to hide behind.”

Francois Balloux, director of the Genetics Institute at University College London (quoted by The Telegraph)

Dr Rauchs’ demand for compulsory vaccination is based on an astonishing scientific ignorance that would quickly disqualify his remarks entirely, unless their real motivation lies elsewhere. For a doctor to suggest that a seasonal respiratory virus, which has the property of constantly mutating, should be eradicated by means of one hundred percent vaccination coverage is a matter of political fantasy rather than medical knowledge.

Telegraph headlines on herd immunity: from hope to disappointment

“Herd immunity a ‘mythical’ goal that will never be reached”2, Professor Andrew Pollard, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, told the UK Parliamentary Committee on Coronavirus in August 2021. Yet the Oxford Vaccine Group itself was involved in the development of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid vaccine and can therefore legitimately offer informed empirical scientific advice. François Balloux, Director of the Genetics Institute at University College London, quoted in the same Telegraph article, said: “It is not so much anymore a ‘duty to others’ to get vaccinated but a protection for oneself. There won’t be any ‘herd immunity wall’ to hide behind”.

Let us also refer to the Lancet study entitled “What is the vaccine effect in reducing the transmission in the context of the SARS CoV 2 Delta variant3. This study highlights the real, but insufficient effectiveness of vaccines in containing the Delta variant. Another study currently undergoing peer review4 on the transmission of the Delta variant in a closed prison environment should also discourage health actors from relying too blindly on the panacea of vaccination.

Similarly, an analysis of the first Danish statistics5 and a Dutch study6 points to the vaccines being ineffective in containing Omicron, and even facilitating in its transmission, as increasingly reported in the media. The possibility should therefore be considered that an unvaccinated person’s own immune system may be more effective than current vaccines in preventing Omicron infection.

In short, it is now widely accepted that vaccines do not prevent infection, transmission or mutation of the virus. It is behind this ignorance, whether calculated or not, that the complicity with a system whose aim is much more political than health-related is revealed.

As far as we know7, the same is true of the many Covid Check 3G and even 2G measures, which could also have the effect of contributing to infections resuming. There is every reason to believe that in the recent past, the measures, which consisted of removing the gauges in exchange for control measures, may have contributed to the opposite effect of what they claimed to produce.

The temporary isolation of the minister may suggest that the circles of power themselves do not believe in the fable of the vaccine that would return us to normal life

A study published in The Lancet8confirms the substantial nature of contagion by the vaccinated in the global dynamics. Take, for example, the case of the Minister of Justice, Ms Tanson, who announced her withdrawal on 2 December last year, after a positive PCR test confirming a mild symptomatic form of Covid9 . Before that day, Mrs Tanson had been able to carry out her activities in all legality, since she had a Covid Check of vaccinated status. Contrary to unvaccinated persons who, when tested regularly, are prevented from going to work when they are positive, Mrs. Tanson, like any other vaccinated person who was Covid-positive at the time, was able to contribute, unknowingly, to the spread of the virus to other people, whether vaccinated or not, and thus to the increase in the number of positive cases and, consequently, to the supposed overloading of the hospital services.

It should also be noted that the introduction of these Covid Check measures at the beginning of the winter season, which is favourable to the spread of diseases, is not very appropriate10. Thus we can see how, in view of the scientific information available to us, certain measures contravene the best intentions behind them.

However, it is also in the light of such situations that we can measure the incoherence of speeches and actions. Indeed, the temporary isolation of the minister, like the case-contact ministers of the Castex government in France, may lead one to believe that the circles of power themselves do not believe in the fable of the vaccine that would bring us back to a normal life, even though that is what they claim to anyone who will listen. Or are we suggesting that isolation, particularly of a vaccinated person, or even of a person who is not necessarily contaminated (contact case), is part of “normal life”?

Despite all the scientific evidence questioning the relevance of the measures at work, our authorities seem to limit themselves to a “logic”, perfectly illustrated in Mr. Rauchs’ letter, which would like it to be enough to ensure that the unvaccinated no longer exist to put an end to the current crisis.

This strategy has a name: it is that of the scapegoat, theorised by René Girard and very rightly put into context by Mathieu Slama in an article in Le Figaro11, which reminds us of the obvious: the permanent search for a culprit will have a lasting effect on our society but will not eliminate the virus. For we can already foresee, in the reality before us, the next reasons for anxiety and division in our society, likely to maintain the crisis: the emergence of new variants, the sequence of boosters offering unequal protection depending on the type of vaccine12, the number of boosters administered13, the difference in vaccines and vaccination policies between countries, etc. Let us not doubt the creativity of those who have been inspired with fear to find reasons to fear and reject one or the other.

The incursion of Dr. Rauchs is all the more surprising in that no one is better placed than a doctor-psychiatrist to help individuals discern reality from their idea of it.

There is nothing to prevent us from proposing it here.

The 2G+ rule is the clearest admission yet of the failure of immunisation to deliver on government promises

On the one hand, the authorities base their decisions on indicators of contagion. The number of deaths is brandished to arouse emotions, the regrets of unvaccinated people in intensive care are thrown to the general public14. The slogan is simple, even simplistic because it is scientifically questionable (as explained above): “the only solution at present is the rate of vaccination”15.

At the same time, the 2G+ rule, which requires testing in addition to vaccination in places like restaurants, is a sign of hypocrisy at work and the clearest admission yet of the failure of vaccination to live up to government promises.

At the same time, no hospital doctor has yet spoken out about the regrets of terminal smokers, while tobacco causes twice as many deaths in Luxembourg16 (and in the world) and Luxembourg is a leading tobacco seller.

Given this mass cognitive dissociation, many citizens, including those who have been vaccinated, see their confidence in government measures erode. The objective of 85% of the population being vaccinated, which came out of nowhere and was the latest in a series of announcements by the world’s main health authorities (excluding the WHO) on supposed herd immunity17, and the fine promises of regaining freedom18 18 that accompanied it, have disappeared in an avalanche of measures designed to reinforce the previous ones even before they come into force. What if this political and media agitation was just a smoke screen designed to mask a failure that no one is ready to admit, and to launch us into a headlong rush the consequences of which are more than uncertain?

An approach that would truly take into account the facts, realities and lessons learned, would abandon the stances of authority that are beginning to lose their illusion in order to restore confidence. To do this, it would be necessary to inject some measure and consultation into health policy and into the perception that our fellow citizens have of this pandemic. Especially since there is every reason to find reasons, rather than scapegoats. The British Medical Journal article “The end of the pandemic will not be televised19, attempts to demonstrate the extent to which our dashboards, screens of statistics updated in real time, can deceive us about the state of the crisis and that the way out is not so much a question of total victory over the virus as of our ability, when the time comes, to change our perception of the situation, which is precisely what the dashboards prevent us from doing. »

So let us be glad, first, that the variants that have so far penetrated vaccine protection to the point of dominance are not more severe than Alpha – including Omicron, for which a first report (under review) indicates an 80% reduction in hospital admissions and a 70% reduction in serious cases20. Minus 80% means 2 people in hospitals with Omicron when there were 10 with Delta.

The question of the long term does not arise in the same way for a young adult as for an octogenarian

It should also be remembered that more than 99% of those infected survive the Alpha and Delta variants21, and that more than 97%22 of those who unfortunately die are people with comorbidities, i.e. people who are probably already known to our hospitals. More than 64% of Covid victims are 80 years old or older23, while life expectancy at birth is currently around 82 years24.

It is therefore understandable that many of the references cited here, as well as Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghbreyesus, Director General of the WHO25, insist that vaccination should target the most vulnerable as a priority, and that it should be carried out in all countries, which would be a real “solidarity”. The fact that children without comorbidities are not threatened by the virus, and in any case less so than by influenza26, raises questions about the determination of laboratories and authorities to promote these vaccines to the youngest. Let us also remember that the question of the long term does not arise in the same way for a young adult as for an octogenarian.

The very leaders who are now demanding ‘responsibility’ from citizens have done everything possible to exonerate the laboratories from theirs

In view of what seems to be a disproportionate number of indiscriminate measures in relation to the human cost and the profile of the victims, and in view of the alternative treatments that are forbidden (see below), it seems appropriate to ask whether ‘health’ policies are not rather motivated by business plans: that of a hospital which did not wait for the crisis to see appointment times increase beyond six months if not a year27, and that of certain organisations, as the interference of the Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises28 and the Chambre des Métiers29 in this “debate” (which is in fact locked) might suggest. It is also a business plan of the pharmaceutical lobbies, whose contracts were negotiated in the greatest opacity and for which we do not know what they “oblige” us to do, whereas we know that the leaders who today demand “responsibility” from citizens have done everything possible to exonerate the laboratories from theirs30, as much on the effects of the vaccines as on their business practices.

If we were to be convinced that the authorities are acting in the interests of the people, it would hardly be credible anyway, given the level of verbal and legislative violence that is currently being displayed.

This being said, it is necessary to put the supposed safety of vaccines into perspective.

Authorities and the media simply brandish the decontextualised death figures to justify the vaccine mandate. In essence: “there are more deaths among the unvaccinated than among the vaccinated”. To which the opponents of vaccination in principle would have no problem retorting the same kind of evidence, namely: “there are more deaths from vaccination among the vaccinated than among the unvaccinated”.

For more than two thousand years, this debate was supposed to be settled at the level of the individual by the Hippocratic oath (“Primum non nocere“); given its existence, we wonder what legitimises our political and health authorities, as well as many doctors, to ignore it. This founding oath of medicine is reflected in the principle of the benefit/risk approach. In contrast to this approach based on the individual, the approach based on the number of deaths at the community level seems to have been imposed without further debate, and appears to be self-evident. However, if a management accounting approach were to be used to dictate health policy, why would we not instead choose one based on the number of life years saved? With this approach, it would be considered that we could only afford to “sacrifice” the life of a 20-year-old if it saved the lives of sixty-two 81-year-olds31. In the absence of a debate involving the whole of society and of objective criteria, 20-year-olds and older people become indebted, in terms of their health and sometimes their lives32, to the lives of our senior citizens, and we can only deplore the fact that the basis for current decisions is clearly arbitrary.

“Those who are pushing these vaccine mandates and vaccine passports … they’re doing so much more damage to vaccine confidence than anybody else”

Pr. Martin Kulldorf, Harvard epidemiologist

Moreover, the fact that we have only one year of experience with current vaccines, when any vaccine requires 10-15 years of testing, should disqualify the public relations arguments made by our health authorities, media and | about the “mastered technology” of the past 20 years33, or the fact that we have enough people vaccinated to make up our minds. According to this reasoning, a baby could be conceived in a month simply by getting nine women pregnant at the same time. When one also notes that never in the history of mankind has such an experimental treatment been massively injected into a population every four months, one shudders at the idea of the magnitude of the risk that lies ahead.

Yet the praise for the government’s “health” policy and calls for its continuation are undermined by the eminent Harvard epidemiologist Prof. Martin Kulldorf34, who calls our health policies nothing short of a “fiasco” and openly states that “those who are pushing these vaccine mandates and vaccine passports … they’re doing so much more damage to vaccine confidence than anybody else”. He also points out that the immunity acquired through the disease is of much better quality and much longer lasting (at least a year and a half, he says, which is how far back he was on the subject at the time of the interview), which may be of societal interest in terms of risk management. And here is the hypocrisy of the 2G rule, which completely ignores the immune status of the individual and claims that the vaccine is the only solution.

The much-touted supposed beautiful unanimity in our country is not present in Great Britain either, where the first side effects in the medium term and a total lack of knowledge about the long term are emphasised, which led a committee of the House of Lords to take a stance against compulsory vaccination for health care workers35.

In any case, from a risk management perspective, the strategy of a health policy based on a broad vaccination mandate using vaccines that are so experimental has a name: putting all one’s eggs in one basket. This is despite the fact that a number of scientific publications document the benefits of early36 and even preventive37 treatments that the health authorities are keen to ignore or discredit, or even, in the case of France, to prohibit38.

In this context, it seems highly relevant to question the fact that only arguments at the level of those put forward by Mr. Rauchs are published and lauded, while facts and references such as those included here fail to emerge.

There is no reason to take lightly these parallels with our current situation, not even the existence of a democratic foundation and the rule of law in a context where the type of manipulation revealed here is the rule

Finally, there is the manipulation, already mentioned above.

It would probably have been more commendable for the common good if this professional of the psyche had helped to flush out the instances where the interest of a people is put in danger by unscrupulous politicians. For example, by calling out inverted accusation we are witnesses to, or even victims of, when our politicians, led by the Prime Minister, have seized upon dark and unspeakable moments in our history by accusing their opponents of trivialising them39, even though it is their own discriminatory and inhumane measures that they are trivialising.

How else can we interpret the recent statements40 of Mrs. Vera Sharav, a Holocaust survivor: “The Jews were, throughout the Nazi period, demonised as spreaders of disease. And currently, the demonisation of people who are unvaccinated against Covid-19 [and] are also blamed as spreaders of disease, […] has a strong context for me.”

Testimony of Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor

Or those of Mr. Marian Turski41, also a Holocaust survivor, who reminds us how the kind of demonisation that is currently at work gradually takes hold: “one day, in those 1930s, you can read a description on the benches « Jews must not seat on these benches », you can say it’s unpleasant, it’s not fair. it’s not right but after all, there are so many benches around, you can sit somewhere else […]. Then was a swimming pool, and over the door an inscription read « Jews are forbidden to enter »[..].”

What kind of good can a person, an authority or an organisation want for us when it resorts to manipulation?

Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies taking lightly these parallels with our current situation, not even the existence of a democratic foundation and a rule of law in a context where the type of manipulation revealed here is the rule.

What kind of good can a person, an authority or an organisation want for us when it resorts to manipulation?

The current measures, which are unlikely to combat the virus by guaranteeing its non-propagation in an objective manner as they claim, are therefore political measures, not health measures, whose arbitrary and discriminatory nature is indisputable. We are therefore still entitled to question what is happening in our democracy.

At this point, many have realised that it is no longer just a question of vaccination, but of what the system that pushes for this vaccination is revealing about itself. We should probably avoid underestimating the foresight and determination of those who are rising up today and who will be led to respond to the measures that are being announced with an “obliged, us?”

Louis-Arnaud Iscla

The scientific and medical content of this text has been reviewed by doctors whom we thank warmly.

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